Learn Hebrew easily and free.

Learn Hebrew easily and free.

What’s the structure of the course?

4 weeks of 7 lessons. Each lesson consists of four parts, with a grammar note, vocabulary (5-8 words) and exercise. 
There are 2 recommended schedules:

  • Intensive one – a lesson every day. That makes it a 4weeks course. In that case we recommend to break a lesson into two “sessions” – a morning session (parts a&b), and an evening session (parts c&d). Each session is expected to take about 60minutes.
  • Normal one – a lesson every other day, making it an 8weeks course. Still, it’s best to learn parts a&b the first day, and parts c&d the other.

 Who is the target audience?

Any person willing to learn hebrew with a serious approach. Suits mostly age-group of 15-40. We would like to underline – if you’re going for a week-trip and want to pick up 10 useful words – this is definitely not for you.



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