Every Picture Tells a Story – Facebook Challenge from Baz

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Photo supplied

Planes in the air

“Mum what are those flying objects doing in the sky?”

“They are not flying objects, they are planes. Today they are commemorating the first world war, or was it the second? I am not sure, ask your dad Tim.”


“Yes son”

“Mum said to ask you what war we are celebrating today. She’s not sure if it was the first or second world war. Did they use those plane things to fight with.”

“I suppose they did Tim. They have been kept in the museum for at least a century and now we have got them working again with remote control. At least they don’t need pilots to fly them. That was such a waste of brave pilots.”

“What’s a pilot dad?”

“We used them in World War 1, 2 and 3. We managed to replace them with remotes in wars 4 5 and 6 so no…

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